Frequently Asked Questions

When was the game created?

The game was first created by Luis back in 2003 and it was made completely out of wood. He made it mainly for his family and it ended up stored away for quite some time. Different reasons prevented him from taking it to market until 2016 when the feasibility or its commercialization started to be evaluated by the family, now grown up and professionals in key fields for any business

How did you come up with the idea for Gravity Warfare ™?

The idea came to Luis in a dream. The very same day he began working on the vision he had in his dream for the toy or game, being a master carpenter and owning a woodshop at his house, and made the first ever Gravity Warfare™ prototype

How many players can play the game?

The ideal number of players for a game of Gravity Warfare™ is between 2 and 6 players.

How long is a standard game?

It depends on the group of players and the target goal point they choose (20 in recommended), and it should take around 5 rounds (with 6 players) for someone to get to 20 points. A game can last between 15-40 minutes.

Does the game strictly follow the rules?

Maybe. It all depends on the group of players. Some players like to be more lenient or are less competitive and others are very competitive and want to play the game following every rule.

We want our gamers to play our game in the manner that most pleases them. Like some games, there can be house rules. You may add more rules to the game to make it more difficult, or reduce the number of rules you want to have and make it easier. The choice is yours.

Can you play in “solo” mode?

Like most games, you can find a way to play on your own if you want to. Playing solo in Gravity Warfare™ will allow you to more quickly determine which areas of the platform are more sensitive to which of the pieces, giving you the upper hand by know where exactly you can put that double stack without tipping over the platform.

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